• 2 Unique Attractions | NORTHERN LIGHTS + TREE-HOUSE accommodation

    2 Contrasting Localities| Pure rustic countryside + City destinations in Norway

    2 Seasons | Winter + Spring


    Here's a NICHE TOUR like no other! We know that Norway is a dream vacation for many out there. This tour offers you the best of raw, pure nature of the countryside that Norway is known for, spiced in between with city destinations, so that you get to see the most of Norway in 11 days. They say timing is everything- experience both winter and spring on the tour. And we hear you have Northern Lights and a Tree-house stay in your bucket list? Get ready to strike them off your list!


  • 3 Reasons WHY this tour is PERFECT for you

    REASON #1 You dream of meeting Ms Aurora Borealis

    Offering you the best chances to catch the Northern Lights a.k.a Aurora Borealis

    You yearn to meet her, Ms Aurora Borealis. You wana feel her presence. Well, get ready to be awed by her. This tour offers NOT 1, NOT 2 but 3 Northern Lights chases, all to provide you with the BEST CHANCES for you to catch the BEST SHOWS that Aurora Borealis can offer.

    REASON #2 When it's the Northern Lights, you mean business!

    Roy Sætre - One of the best Aurora experts in Tromsø

    When it comes to the Northern Lights, we mean business too! This is why we brought in our Aurora expert, Roy Sætre. In 2015, he was nominated by Luxury Travel Award in the Best European Guide category. This comes as no surprise as Roy has not a single bad review on Trip Advisor. Roy was born and bred in Tromsø, Norway. All his life, Roy has been a nature-lover, indulging in fishing and countless nights sleeping in the forest. Such exposure contributes to Roy being very well-experienced and well-informed of the Norwegian wilderness. Roy will also lead the group in the Nature Trail trip on snowshoes at Bardufoss. Seen the Northern Lights video above? You can hear Roy in action with clients on an Aurora chase. Never mind if he has seen the Lights countless of times! His zeal for the Lights is unparalleled such that he refers to himself as an "Aurora-addict"!

    REASON #3 Staying in a TREE-HOUSE is your childhood dream

    As a child, sleeping with the birds in a tree-house was something you used to fantasize about, and thinking about it now makes you smile. Manifesting this childhood dream is going to make your heart sing, especially when the birds and squirrels wake you up. You will LOVE this cosy nest!

    REASON #4 You are rugged & always up for an adventure!

    Over the 11-days in Norway, you will indulge in 10 activities. The activities were handpicked specially to cater to those energy power houses like YOU! Just to name a few, we are talking about Snowmobile Safari, Dog-sledding, Snowshoe forest trekking, Reindeer-sledding + Sami culture appreciation.....u name it, we packed dem ALL in!

    REASON #5 Norway is your dream holiday destination

    Fulfill that dream and join us! You'll experience both the laid-back countryside and fast-paced city life in Norway. The tour is scheduled during the best time. Spring in Norway is lovely. Look out for signs of vegetation waking up from its long winter slumber. Enjoy the best of two seasons - winter activities with the Northern Lights taking centerstage, combined with the effervescent emergence of spring! Plus, it's Easter season during that time too! Need we say more?


    For clients departing and returning to Singapore : SGD 5680

    Price includes the land itinerary, domestic flights within Norway and 2-way international flights from Singapore to Norway, and vice-versa.


    For clients departing from other countries : NOK 19,000

    Price does not include international flights to Norway. It includes the land itinerary and domestic flights within Norway.

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1.	The following tours are our Independent Tours :
•	Northern Lights XPRESS Tour 
•	Northern Lights ULTIMATE Adventure Tour
•	Northern Lights FAMILY Adventure Tour
•	Tours with minimal customization of the above 3 packages 
This means that there will be no guide from Scandiplanet who will accompany customers in Tromsø, UNLESS SPECIFIED OTHERWISE.  However, there will be guides by the engaged vendors for activities in Tromsø. 

2.	For tour packages whereby Feiring is included as a destination, representatives of Scandiplanet will serve as guides for the designated activities in Feiring.  Where Oslo is part of the tour, a guide from Scandiplanet is provided upon request. 

3.    Customers will be given details of vendors and activities in Tromsø as per below, upon FULL PAYMENT received: 
•	Name of vendor and activity to be conducted
•	Vendor contact details - website, contact number and email
•	Date, time and meeting place for activities
4.    The vendors in Tromsø will contact the customer(s) DIRECTLY should there be changes to the activities. 

5.    Customers will contact the vendors DIRECTLY should there be changes requested with regard to the activities. Scandiplanet can be contacted should the vendors not be reachable.    

1.	After booking the tour, should the customer cancel the WHOLE TOUR, Scandiplanet will accede to the following refund arrangements, minus 5% administration fees: 

•	More than 30 days before arrival date - 100% refund will be given
•	15 - 30 days before arrival date - 70% refund will be given
•	8 - 14 days before arrival date - 50 % refund will be given 
•	7 days or less before arrival date - 0 % refund will be given
2.	If the customer cancels the WHOLE TOUR due to natural calamities, international events and/or terrorist activities that deem travel by customer not possible, a full refund of the tour will be given, minus 5% administration fees.  

3.	If Scandiplanet cancels the WHOLE TOUR due to natural calamities, international events and/or terrorist activities etc, a full refund will be given to the customer minus 5% administration fees. 

4.	Should a vendor in Tromsø cancel any activity scheduled in Tromsø, a full refund for the activity will be given. 
1.	The customer is responsible for all financial transactions made under his/her name and account.

2.	The customer can either make a full payment or pay in 2 installments.  The payment dates for the 2 installments will be agreed upon by both customer and Scandiplanet. 

•	Payment can be made via Credit Card on Scandiplanet’s website on the link http://www.scandiplanet.com/book-it

•	For customized tours, client can access the product under the section “Customised Packages”.  Prior set-up will be required on our part before you can make payment here. 

•	The customer can also pay via (Overseas) Fund Transfer.  Bank details will be provided by Scandiplanet in the invoice issued. 

1.	The customer bears the responsibility to purchase TRAVEL INSURANCE for the referred tour, so as to ensure coverage in the event of loss, damage, expense or injury incurred in the tour. 

2.	In the event of loss, damage, expense or injury incurred in the tour, the CUSTOMER AND FAMILY will waive any and all claims that they have or may have in the future against “Scandiplanet Suriati Binte Supani”, its directors, officers, employees, agents, guides, instructors, independent contractors, subcontractors, and representatives (all of whom are hereinafter referred to as the "releases") and to indemnify the releases from any and all liability for any loss, damage, expense, or injury suffered by customer or his/her next of kin may suffer, as a result of participation in the Tromsø Northern Lights Family Tour, due to any cause. 

3.	This agreement will take effect and is binding upon the customer’s heirs, next of kin, executors and administrators in the event of loss, damage, expense or injury that may be incurred in the cause of the tour. 

1.	All activities arranged in the tour are subjected to weather changes.  They are also subjected to various unforeseen factors that may deem the activities unsafe for the customer.  In this regard, the vendors in Tromsø and Scandiplanet will have the discretion to conduct the activities or otherwise.  In the event that the vendor in Tromsø decides that it is unsafe to conduct the activity, the vendor will contact the customer directly prior to the event.
2.	Experiencing the Northern Lights is controlled by agents of nature. The vendor engaged for the Northern Lights chase(s) was selected by Scandiplanet due to their expertise, success rate in catching the Northern Lights and accreditation given by previous customers, including those on Trip Advisor.  The vendor will bring the tourists from one place to another to increase chances of sightings. There is a possibility that the chase(s) may take place in Finland.  Thus, it is important that the CLIENT brings along their passports during the chase(s).  However, the Tromsø vendor and Scandiplanet will not be able to guarantee sightings of the Northern Lights on the day(s) of viewing.  Nonetheless, tourists can be assured that the vendor will invest in all efforts to chase and catch the Northern Lights. 

3.	Scandiplanet will not be responsible for customers who miss their scheduled activities, be it due to traffic etc.

1.	Social Media is an important marketing tool for Scandiplanet. Posting of photos and videos of customers sighting the Northern Lights on Social Media gives high credibility to the company.
2.	It is very much appreciated if customers could share with Scandiplanet, photos of themselves with the Northern Lights.  It is hoped that the photos will inspire others to come and see the Northern Lights, thus spreading more awareness of the natural phenomenon.  

3.	Scandiplanet would also appreciate any generosity on the part of customers in sharing their experiences on the various activities via photos and videos. Feel free to tag Scandiplanet via #Scandiplanet or #scandiplanethappening, either on Facebook or Instagram. 

4.	For activities conducted directly by Scandiplanet, either in Oslo, Feiring or other areas by the countryside, photos and videos taken by Scandiplanet during these events are copyright of the company.  The images and videos will be used for Scandiplanet’s marketing offline or online via social media or otherwise. Kindly inform us should you have strong reasons against us using your images for the said purpose.

We would like to assure you that it is safe to make payment on our website and that we will safeguard the information that you share with us.