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    Shafiqah Abdullah

    Group Tour | Tree-house & Northern Lights Tour | 26 Mar -5 Apr 2018

    Overall the trip was simply amazing!


    I have only positive words for kak Suriati and Roy Sætre, both of which made my trip to Norway one that was both rewarding and memorable. I'm humbled by the warmth and hospitality shown by Roy and his family. From the Northern Lights chases to the outdoor preparation of delicious Norwegian food, I have nothing but pure appreciation for him. His enthusiasm and joy displayed during the tour, especially during the Northern Lights chases, really made the experience even more satisfying!


    Also, through this tour, I was able to explore more about the Norwegian culture and lifestyle. I truly admire the Norwegians' love for the outdoors! Definitely something I can bring back to my life back in Singapore! All the thrill-seeking snow activities such as tobogganing, snow-shoe trekking and of course SNOWMOBILING added colour to the whole experience! The mountains and sceneries along the way were simply beautiful and magnificent! To add-on, the Brumunddal TREE-TOP HUT experience where we got to interact with animals made me realise the beautiful connection present between humans and animals.


    And of course, how can I forget kak Su's never ending care for us throughout the trip. She created a comfortable environment for us to express ourselves freely and ensured that the whole tour went on smoothly. Her vibrant personality and wonderful sense of humour made her the easiest person to be around. The trip, overall, was both memorable and something that I would hold dearly in my heart. [April 2018]

    Lady Joy Sibuera and Dinah Dano

    Lady Joy Sibuera
    Tusen hjertelig takk!... Our experience was memorable. Thanks to you and your dedicated team. Roy was an amazing tour guide. He made sure that are stomachs are full with good food during the trip. And at the same time, he entertained us with facts about the places we passed by as well as some of his personal experiences. It was a once in a lifetime adventure. Highly recommended!!!!
    Thank you for all of the amazing pictures that you have given us. A very nice birthday gift.
    Looking for another exciting adventures with you in the future.


    Dinah Dano

    Fantastic experience indeed :) Would love to do it again next time. [March 2017]

    Khairol Hisham and family

    Suriati did a fantastic job of putting together an itinerary for us during our stay in Tromsø. We are a family of 4, 2 adults and 2 young children. Suriati took time to understand the travel experience we sought, was patient with our queries and very generous with her travel tips. In the end what we got was an experience that gave us cultural insights, memorable dinner conversations and the chance to listen to life stories of people we met on our journey. Norway is a wonderful country to enjoy the outdoors and we look forward to a return visit.

    [November 2016]

    Mohammed Nazri & Siti Norazlin

    Group Tour 17-24 Dec 2016

    Our main objective for this trip was the chase for the elusive lady Aurora, albeit a supposed hiatus for the next 11 years. The weather was not with us for the first night chase due to heavy cloud cover but the team were not perturbed as we know with God's will and with an experienced guide, we will achieve our target. Lady Aurora danced before us when the sky clears up on the second night chase. It is an experience that can only be explained when one is there to view it yourself.


    Lady Aurora made another surprise appearance in front of us during our cable car ride. And that was at 4pm! We experienced the Winter Solstice, to our admiration where we only experienced 2 hrs of daylight @ Tromsø. Snowmobile ride, whale/orca watching, reindeer sledding (albeit hubby falling like a "nangka busuk") are wonderful experiences that we carry back with us.


    We totally enjoyed the great company, hospitality and the adventure with Scandiplanet! It was awesome! Thks to Suriati who is always accommodating and professional. Admire her energy and positive vibes. On a scale of 1 to 10, you are 11!


    Experience, collaboration, laughter and friendship made. Thank you for giving us the most unforgettable moments. Deeply appreciated. [December 2016]


    Ridwan Othman & Noor Aslina Niti

    Couple from Singapore on NL Tour from 20 to 28 Dec 2015

    We’ve always planned our own vacation. You know…set our own itinerary, and book our own flights, accommodation, tours, the works. We are adamant in doing only what we absolutely love and want. No tour agency is going to force us to visit that rock that a calefare from Games of Thrones peed on. So, what made us hand over the reign to Scandiplanet this time?

    1. We believe in giving small enterprises and start-ups a chance to build up their portfolio.

    2. We know Suriati, the sole proprietor of Scandiplanet, from our university days some 20 years ago...and we, as friends, thought we could certainly lend her our support.

    3. It is nice to hand over the reign to someone else once in a while as both of us are pretty busy after relocating to another country a few months before the vacation dates.

    4. Scandiplanet specialises in providing customised vacation programmes, not just run-of-the-mill ones. Suriati asked us a lot of questions regarding what we liked to do, what we were hoping to do, why we chose Norway for our vacation, what our fitness levels were like (for certain activities, this info is important), what was our budget, etc.

    We were then presented with an itinerary that was exclusively us and certainly different from any we have ever experienced before. While the Northern Lights and the dog-sledding excursion were among the highlights of our tour, our Norwegian friends were impressed that we had done moose-hunting/trekking and a campfire lunch/dinner in the forest/in front of the lake in Feiring (a place not associated with tourism but should).


    Overall, we are very pleased with our vacation and it certainly registers in our memory as one of the most remarkable vacations ever. Any update we posted on our FB received the most likes so far. So, if you are looking for a customised vacation where the person-in-charge will not disappear on you, Scandiplanet is the answer. [December 2015]

    Farhana Syazwani Abdul Rahman

    Solo Traveller from Malaysia on NL Tour from 24 -26 Feb 2016

    Initially I was scared to travel to Tromso alone to see the Aurora. Fortunately, Suriati was a family friend. So, I was a little bit brave because I knew that if I needed help, I had someone to rely on. Suriati was very helpful indeed :) She listened to my requests and did her best to make my trip a memorable and safe one :) I spent 3 days and 2 nights in Tromso. On the 1st night, the guide cooked salmon while waiting for the Aurora. We managed to see Aurora. On the 2nd night, the tour guide took us to a frozen lake surrounded by a mountain. It was freezing cold (-22 degrees Celcius) but the tour guide provided us with snow suits, gloves and snow shoes. I was walking on the frozen lake while waiting for Aurora :) We saw the beautiful dancing Aurora which felt like it was surrounding us.


    Dear Suriati, thanks a million for making my dream to see Aurora came true :) Thank you for being thoughtful and making sure that I had a safe journey. Alhamdulillah for the beautiful experience :) I will recommend your company to my family and friends :) [February 2016]


    Lilian, May, Puteh and Zuraidah

    Group from Singapore on NL Tour from 5-8 January 2016

    Our utter disappointment with no luck with Aurora Borealis in Finland quickly turned into excitement and jubilance in Tromso, Norway..Norway...all thanks to Suriati and Scandiplanet! We can even feel Suriati's joy when we shared with her we saw Aurora on our first night. Bravo and Kudos to Suriati and Scandiplanet! [January 2016].

    Kamisah Mohamed Yusoff

    Family from Singapore on NL Tour from 24 Nov to 2 Dec 2015

    To anyone out there interested to visit Norway for her landscape, that final tick off your bucket list to see the Northern Light... a once in a lifetime Polar Night experience and much more. I would be more than glad to recommend Scandiplanet. [November /December 2015]

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2.	Experiencing the Northern Lights is controlled by agents of nature. The vendor engaged for the Northern Lights chase(s) was selected by Scandiplanet due to their expertise, success rate in catching the Northern Lights and accreditation given by previous customers, including those on Trip Advisor.  The vendor will bring the tourists from one place to another to increase chances of sightings. There is a possibility that the chase(s) may take place in Finland.  Thus, it is important that the CLIENT brings along their passports during the chase(s).  However, the Tromsø vendor and Scandiplanet will not be able to guarantee sightings of the Northern Lights on the day(s) of viewing.  Nonetheless, tourists can be assured that the vendor will invest in all efforts to chase and catch the Northern Lights. 

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