Who We Are



    East meets West.


    Country Boy meets City Girl.


    Roger and Suriati bring the best of their uniquely different backgrounds into the tours under Scandiplanet.

    Roger Bamrud

    Chief ACTION Officer

    Born and raised in Feiring, Norway, Roger brings the spunk of adventure and a laid- back vibe to Scandiplanet’s product offerings. It is no surprise that the forest is Roger’s first love. As a young boy, he would spend many days and nights hanging out in the forest, mostly fishing or simply soaking in the tranquility of the forest. As a certified hunter of more than 20 years, Roger has much to share on his knowledge of the forest and its inhabitants. Roger is also passionate about world history. A typical conversation with Roger might just involve old stories of his hometown, Feiring and Norway too.

    Suriati Supani Bamrud

    Chief INSPIRATION Officer

    Coming from Singapore city, Suriati understands the needs and concerns that folks from the city may have in experiencing nature tours. While Suriati has lived in Norway since 2009, she designs Scandiplanet’s

    packages with foreigners in mind. Suriati has first-hand experience of various Norwegian cultures and traditions. She is conversant in the Norwegian language and this has helped her to embrace the locals' unique way of life. In putting her Norwegian skills to the test, Suriati took the lead role in a Norwegian play in 2015. Her performance was well-received by the local media. To date, Suriati continues to challenge herself and push boundaries in her business and personal life.

  • Scandiplanet Story

    Mr Hedgehog, our inspiration

    On the 10th of May 2013, we had a special visitor on our lawn at our home in Feiring.

    It was a hedgehog!


    The closest I had been to a hedgehog was on Discovery Channel, on TV. As I was super excited about my first encounter with a hedgehog, I posted a picture of the cute visitor on Facebook.


    In response to the post, I was surprised to find 42 LIKES, within less than a day! Many of the responses came from friends in Singapore. Apart from the hedgehog post, my pictures of Norway on Facebook had always been VERY well-received. My friends in Asia often marveled and raved about how beautiful and exciting Norway is.


    Roger and I had often talked about starting a travel company but l must say that Mr Hedgehog gave us the impetus to kick it off. The incident and the constant overwhelming interest in Norway by friends in Asia led us to take stock. We soon realised that we have something special to offer, even out of Feiring, where we live. In Dec 2013. Scandiplanet was made official! As a tribute to Mr Hedgehog for giving the inspiration, his image is captured in the company logo.



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1.	The following tours are our Independent Tours :
•	Northern Lights XPRESS Tour 
•	Northern Lights ULTIMATE Adventure Tour
•	Northern Lights FAMILY Adventure Tour
•	Tours with minimal customization of the above 3 packages 
This means that there will be no guide from Scandiplanet who will accompany customers in Tromsø, UNLESS SPECIFIED OTHERWISE.  However, there will be guides by the engaged vendors for activities in Tromsø. 

2.	For tour packages whereby Feiring is included as a destination, representatives of Scandiplanet will serve as guides for the designated activities in Feiring.  Where Oslo is part of the tour, a guide from Scandiplanet is provided upon request. 

3.    Customers will be given details of vendors and activities in Tromsø as per below, upon FULL PAYMENT received: 
•	Name of vendor and activity to be conducted
•	Vendor contact details - website, contact number and email
•	Date, time and meeting place for activities
4.    The vendors in Tromsø will contact the customer(s) DIRECTLY should there be changes to the activities. 

5.    Customers will contact the vendors DIRECTLY should there be changes requested with regard to the activities. Scandiplanet can be contacted should the vendors not be reachable.    

1.	After booking the tour, should the customer cancel the WHOLE TOUR, Scandiplanet will accede to the following refund arrangements, minus 5% administration fees: 

•	More than 30 days before arrival date - 100% refund will be given
•	15 - 30 days before arrival date - 70% refund will be given
•	8 - 14 days before arrival date - 50 % refund will be given 
•	7 days or less before arrival date - 0 % refund will be given
2.	If the customer cancels the WHOLE TOUR due to natural calamities, international events and/or terrorist activities that deem travel by customer not possible, a full refund of the tour will be given, minus 5% administration fees.  

3.	If Scandiplanet cancels the WHOLE TOUR due to natural calamities, international events and/or terrorist activities etc, a full refund will be given to the customer minus 5% administration fees. 

4.	Should a vendor in Tromsø cancel any activity scheduled in Tromsø, a full refund for the activity will be given. 
1.	The customer is responsible for all financial transactions made under his/her name and account.

2.	The customer can either make a full payment or pay in 2 installments.  The payment dates for the 2 installments will be agreed upon by both customer and Scandiplanet. 

•	Payment can be made via Credit Card on Scandiplanet’s website on the link http://www.scandiplanet.com/book-it

•	For customized tours, client can access the product under the section “Customised Packages”.  Prior set-up will be required on our part before you can make payment here. 

•	The customer can also pay via (Overseas) Fund Transfer.  Bank details will be provided by Scandiplanet in the invoice issued. 

1.	The customer bears the responsibility to purchase TRAVEL INSURANCE for the referred tour, so as to ensure coverage in the event of loss, damage, expense or injury incurred in the tour. 

2.	In the event of loss, damage, expense or injury incurred in the tour, the CUSTOMER AND FAMILY will waive any and all claims that they have or may have in the future against “Scandiplanet Suriati Binte Supani”, its directors, officers, employees, agents, guides, instructors, independent contractors, subcontractors, and representatives (all of whom are hereinafter referred to as the "releases") and to indemnify the releases from any and all liability for any loss, damage, expense, or injury suffered by customer or his/her next of kin may suffer, as a result of participation in the Tromsø Northern Lights Family Tour, due to any cause. 

3.	This agreement will take effect and is binding upon the customer’s heirs, next of kin, executors and administrators in the event of loss, damage, expense or injury that may be incurred in the cause of the tour. 

1.	All activities arranged in the tour are subjected to weather changes.  They are also subjected to various unforeseen factors that may deem the activities unsafe for the customer.  In this regard, the vendors in Tromsø and Scandiplanet will have the discretion to conduct the activities or otherwise.  In the event that the vendor in Tromsø decides that it is unsafe to conduct the activity, the vendor will contact the customer directly prior to the event.
2.	Experiencing the Northern Lights is controlled by agents of nature. The vendor engaged for the Northern Lights chase(s) was selected by Scandiplanet due to their expertise, success rate in catching the Northern Lights and accreditation given by previous customers, including those on Trip Advisor.  The vendor will bring the tourists from one place to another to increase chances of sightings. There is a possibility that the chase(s) may take place in Finland.  Thus, it is important that the CLIENT brings along their passports during the chase(s).  However, the Tromsø vendor and Scandiplanet will not be able to guarantee sightings of the Northern Lights on the day(s) of viewing.  Nonetheless, tourists can be assured that the vendor will invest in all efforts to chase and catch the Northern Lights. 

3.	Scandiplanet will not be responsible for customers who miss their scheduled activities, be it due to traffic etc.

1.	Social Media is an important marketing tool for Scandiplanet. Posting of photos and videos of customers sighting the Northern Lights on Social Media gives high credibility to the company.
2.	It is very much appreciated if customers could share with Scandiplanet, photos of themselves with the Northern Lights.  It is hoped that the photos will inspire others to come and see the Northern Lights, thus spreading more awareness of the natural phenomenon.  

3.	Scandiplanet would also appreciate any generosity on the part of customers in sharing their experiences on the various activities via photos and videos. Feel free to tag Scandiplanet via #Scandiplanet or #scandiplanethappening, either on Facebook or Instagram. 

4.	For activities conducted directly by Scandiplanet, either in Oslo, Feiring or other areas by the countryside, photos and videos taken by Scandiplanet during these events are copyright of the company.  The images and videos will be used for Scandiplanet’s marketing offline or online via social media or otherwise. Kindly inform us should you have strong reasons against us using your images for the said purpose.

We would like to assure you that it is safe to make payment on our website and that we will safeguard the information that you share with us.